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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A New Start: Hello, Conchita

Hello, everyone,

Conchita here! I am so happy to announce that my new blog is finally open and there are already two, new posts ready to read. Thank you to everyone who have followed me until now and I hope will follow me on my new beginning. I am really excited to post all my writings there so be sure to check Hello, Conchita out!

That is all.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Moving to a New Site!

Greetings everyone,

It's now junior - 11th grader - Conchita writing. I have come to write that I will be changing blogs in a few days or maybe after final exams! I have always been thinking and thinking about this blog: believe it or not. But, I realized that I really do love writing and do not want to just abandon this tradition that I started. From now on, instead of writing for writing (if that even makes ANY sense) I want to write about my thoughts, ideas, opinions on different topics. Or really just anything that comes to mind. I think that was the hardest thing to overcome: not knowing what to write. Now, I have found and experienced many more things to write about. I believe it's important to give myself this type of opportunity; to let myself reflect on who I was and who I can become as years go by. So, that's it! The next and last post here will be about my new site and its link (hopefully right away after I survive through finals). 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

My Writing: All in Two

This was the letter I gave for my parents on my mother's birthday: October 22, 2016.

I never believed there could be someone who was my first love, my teacher, my bestfriend and my everything until I realized it was you.
You who held me in your arms and showed me the world. And taught me how to walk, talk, and bought me toys to my already room-filled collection. But my response was always more, I want more. I cried.
As I grew up, I enjoyed school more than home even though I wasn’t necessarily good at school those times. You told me to work harder, to study better. I didn’t listen. I rebelled.
Years passed by, I learned lessons on my own; bullying, hurt, and more. I started to enjoy home. At the wrong time. These days when I’m at home, I’m not at home. I’m surrounded by the walls of my room, the mountain of homework and study. I work hard for you, though.
Isn’t it funny how people say, “do things for yourself, not for anyone else.” But what if the things I do for myself are for you, what if that is what I am wanting for myself? Your happiness, your smile?
I promise to make you proud of me. I promise mom and dad, that I’ll do anything for you. Thank you and I’m sorry for everything. I love you then, now, and always.

I never believed there could be someone who was my first love, my teacher, my bestfriend, and my everything until I realized it was you.

My Writing: Elizabeth I Poem

The last and the greatest of the Tudor dynasty,
Was more than a man, a woman with modesty.
She was the Queen of Ireland and England concurrently,
She inherited the throne at a time of much obscurity.
Independent and strong was she and never married,
All the love letters and proposals to her were left a buried.
For that, she was called the Virgin Queen,
And through the years, power and respect she burgeonly gleaned.
A religious compromise was made during her heir,
But not until later did this decision she realized, put her in despair.
A powerful Protestant was she but a powerful Catholic her cousin,
So the Queen beheaded Mary to keep her power a buzzin’.
Fighting the Spanish Armada was one of her greatest accomplishments.
Of which got her many, many a compliments.
The Elizabethan Age was full of success and innovations,
But soon the Queen’s compromise of religion made her people impatient.
The Queen’s last years were not very pretty,
They were filled with years of sadness, famine, smallpox and much pity.
The death of the Countess of Nottingham saddened the queen to depression,

With sickness filled in her she was ready to go to her next dimension.

Monday, October 3, 2016

My Writing: Stacey's World

Stacey had always been curious about boys. She was now entering her junior year, but, unlike her peers, she played it safe and avoided getting into relationships. Her mom constantly told her that once she fell in love, she won’t be able to focus anymore. And because of that, Stacey never understood the jittery and fluttery feelings her friends always talked about. Their words were bizarre to her. She would always chuckle at their chitchat.
But there was one guy she was curious about: Mark. Since the 8th grade, she caught him stealing a few glances at her which made her flustered and confused. She shrugged it off that time. But as they grew older, she watched as the good, old puppy love turned to obsessiveness. Whenever she smiled directly at him, he would snap his head back to look away, but she could always catch a quick glimpse of his delighted expression. At these kinds of times, she looked down to smile to herself. What exactly was she to him?
She sighed as she situated herself in her seat for her first class as a junior. She looked around the classroom to see her classmates talking and mingling about. It was good to see them again. It was not long after she felt the warmth of someone taking their place next to her, she turned around to see who it was. Mark. She was just about to turn away, when he began to speak.
“Did you have a good summer?” he asked.
She smiled to herself. She was actually happy to hear his voice again.
“Yeah, I had a lot of fun.” she hesitated, asking herself if she really wanted to continue the conversation or not. After some thought she asked, “How about you?”
Stacey watched as his eyes gleamed with excitement. When she thought about it, she realizes that she’s never paid attention to him this close. He was charming and she loved how he was always smiling. She found that attractive about him.
“It could not have been better. I got a job at McDonald’s, and I bought a car.” he answered.
“No way!” she exclaimed.
The bell rang as soon as she said that. He turned away probably going to his own little world and so was she. She was in a world where she felt electricity running through her veins, making her feel dizzy and giddy for no reason. She suddenly felt her face getting hot, quickly she took out her compact mirror in her pencil case and checked on her complexion. Rosy cheeks. She brought her cold hands to her face to try to cool herself, as she heard the silent, rapid thump of her heartbeat. She tilted her head in bemusement. What in the world were these cluster of feelings?
She snapped back into her real world and shrugged it off.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


During 9th Grade year, a freshman of high school, I stepped up to perform alone in the High School Talent Show. (This was January 21, 2016). My mom originally recommended me to sing but, at that time like all other times, I have no clue about the most recent, not cheesy western songs. I've been sticking to Kpop and will probably always be. 
Coincidentally, during the winter break, I pushed myself to learn the choreography to what was back then, a new rookie group! The lovely and cute ladies of TWICE! I learned the choreography to their debut song, "Like Ooh-Ahh" in three days. So I proposed to my mom, "Hey, mom. How about I dance?" And she agreed with me in a second. Haha, "dare to be different" she always says. And there I was. Standing on stage and performing a cute and foreign song to many of the other high schoolers and teachers. 
All the other performers that late afternoon picked too much of a serious song or topic to perform and I was glad to lighten up the mood in the middle of the show. I was next after one of the singers who sang a sad song and as I walked up on stage and looked at the people watching me, there was a sort of down vibe throughout the hall. So I said, "Hi! Please smile! I'm here to brighten up the show!" Which got me a few laughs and of course, smiles.

And then the music started.

This year too, I'm going to perform another dance! The most likely candidates is either Red Velvet's Russian Roulette or Cosmic Girls (WJSN)'s Secret, both of which I've already started learning.

Friday, September 30, 2016

My Cover of Gravity!

September 24th, 2016. Singer Conchita Isdiawan, made her come back on stage as a solo singer, singing a shortened version cover of Sara Bareilles's Gravity.

Now. It would be a sad, short post if I left it at that. So, I'll answer the question(s), how did I pick this song and why I picked it. Sit down, grab your popcorn, because it's a long story. No. Actually it's a short and sweet one. Ever since September of last year, I've been interested in this pre-debut group, called PLEDIS Girlz (as of now). But as they got more introduced more officially and publicly and I got to see more of them, that interest became love and admiration for them. 
So the story is, these ten girls (well eight because the other two were busy with their project group, IOI but that's another story) have been performing at their own, small concerts to showcase their more of their talents before they debut. One of these girls happened to cover Gravity as her solo song, her name is Jung Eunwoo (Eunwoo Jung). My favorite girl out of the group, a precious and talented angel she is. I was so amazed by her voice in her cover, I got emotional. That was when I told myself, "This is it. This is the song I'm going sing in my 10th Grade year, somewhere, somehow." 
Right after I finished watching her cover and wiped some tears off my face, I ran to my mom. I showed it to her and she immediately loved the song too. 
While singing gravity that day, I thought to myself, "I'm singing this for my mom, my family, and of course Jung Eunwoo."

Here is Jung Eunwoo's cover of Gravity!

Hi, It's Been A Year

Hi, It's Conchita! It's been so long since I've posted sorry about that! High School has really been something, I tell you. I've passed 9th Grade successfully! I am now in my 10th Grade, a sophomore of high school. I can't even believe it still. Time just keeps passing by so quick, it makes me scared. It was just yesterday I turned 12 and now I'm turning 15 in five days, FIVE DAYS. 

This is just an update post so...let me tell you some updates! I feel a little more comfortable in high school now (ok joke but let's say I am), so I'm joining clubs about things I really love to do! Writing, sewing, and photography! This year, I have no PE classes whatsoever which makes me sad. But my schedule is already packed with classes, I guess it makes sense. For an alternative, I'm attending an after school activity for girls who want to have fun and work out. 

I'm not someone who is all about taking pictures of myself but I swear I still look the same as I did two years - maybe even three years ago. So, there's no picture I could share of myself right now. In fact I haven't taken a so-called selfie since like September of 2015. 

And now. About posting. If I'm not so stressed, finish all my homework early, I might be posting a generous amount here again. On top of that, since I am in writing club and have joined the high school newspaper team, I might post some of my works from there too! Oh. Also I might share my photography and sewing masterpieces haha.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Eid Mubarak! & My Friends #3

Yesterday it was Eid! I had to wake up at 4:00 AM and shower. Always fun. This blogpost will be fun! Finally! Let's all just give out a big sigh of relief. Because man did I go all out talking about the future. Haha.
Well, after we all got dressed up and looked on point we headed to the Embassy of Indonesia which is located here in Oman. But of course, when you and your fam be looking good, your mom asks you to take a family picture. Here is the result.
Pretty nice, right? The boys be twinning. Anyway of course the embassy is already filled with lots of people and of course I had to trip on a microphone in front of the whole girl/women area of the embassy. The men/boy area was on the first floor while we (the girls) had to go upstairs in a very crowded, but big room. I barely knew ANYONE there but then I see a familiar face, my best of the bestest friend Uni! I was so happy, it's been so long since (we saw each other a lot of times before the summer started) we last saw each other. We've only been chatting through snapchat, that's all. But then I see that she gestures someone from behind her to follow her, a new girl! Yay a new person I can be friends with! The three of us sat down in a triangle formation so we could look at each other's faces.
Me: Yes.
Uni: This is Alya, she likes them too. Oh, she likes the same guy you do!
Me: Yaaaaaassss. Wonwoo?
Alya: Wonwoo.
Our conversation was filled with so much laughter and giggling. Can I just say that that was one of the most happiest moments I have ever had while finding a new friend. Uni has always been my best friend, a friend that was totally like me. Since I don't know 2005? Since we were four? It's been so long! But as we grew up, the times we could spend together grew shorter. We are so alike. *inserting old photo of us together and most recent photo*

This was for an event.

We are friends who grew up together and who will stay together. Why was it one of the most happiest moments for me meeting a new friend and seeing Uni again? Let's focus on Uni first. Uni and I have always liked different things. I was more into the girly and cute style when finding outfits while she was into more grunge and chic. While she was more into the western culture - the 80's and everything western. I was into Korean culture - dramas, clothes, styles. But recently she tried out just watching one video of SEVENTEEN, a group. And she instantly fell in love. I, on the other hand, weren't really into them until Uni persuaded me to watch them. And then I was caught, I was drawn to them. Now, we fangirl over them together. Such a beautiful story.
Now over to Alya. We have never met each other although, Alya and Uni have been friends as long as Uni and I have been friends. She was also a SEVENTEEN fan and we have the same bias, Wonwoo. We could relate to each other so easily! Uni had another bias, Vernon, who she thought was the most handsome. Alya and I be in the corner like, "nahhhh mannnn, Wonwoo is life." Because we bonded over SEVENTEEN, we could understand each other and everything! It felt like we were friends for a long time. We talked about anything and everything. Things like this never happen to me so easily that's why I was so happy. Let me tell you, we have been snapchatting non-stop with each other.
The three of us had the best time together. We were laughing and talking so much that my mom was like "what are you guys talking about?" Which leads me to tell you about a short conversation we had with my mom.
Mom: Uni, how are you?
Uni: Good, tante (how we politely call a mom).
Mom: You're growing so much, you probably have a boyfriend right?
Uni: No...
*Uni and I exchange glances and we both grin
Me: Yes, she does. She has husbands.
Uni: OMG yes I do. I have like four!
*we give each other a high five, while Alya looks at us like we're crazy
Alya and I were basically the experts in Korean culture; me from 2012 and Alya from 2013. Uni was a new beginner. She tried saying some Korean words that were essential - the things that most of the celebrities in Korea say. Alya and I just looked at each other and shook our heads because she needed some practice. Uni always noticed us when we shook our heads in disapproval and we received a "I'm new okay? I just got into it a few days ago." And we all laughed together.
Because with me being in an American international school where people only look at the western side of things, it's hard to find people who love the same things I do. I was just so happy to find people I could relate with, it will forever stay in my heart as one of the most happiest moments in my life.
I hope I can meet them again! Because we had so much fun together.

My Dreams Are...

Well, hello again! I couldn't post yesterday because my family and I took a road trip and I had no access to a computer or internet at that matter. So, here is my promised post that will answer the questions from my last blogpost, "What My Summers Will Look Like". I know that most of my recent posts have become too serious and everything. But that's the reality when you finally have your mind set into a path that you are creating. When you want it, you go for it. And its unquenchable. You want to know how to get there faster and how to do more to reach your destination.
What exactly are my dreams? Why did I mention Stanford University and University of Texas - Austin? Why, what, where, when, how? Alright here it goes.
Stanford University and University of Texas - Austin are from my list of dream schools, basically two of the schools that I want to apply for college. What?! Yeah, I'm aware that Stanford has a very low percentage at admissions, that's why I am trying so hard and doing my best in school. And not just in school, everywhere else and in anything else I do. Since we are in the topic of dream school, the other schools I am looking at to apply are Texas A&M University, University of Southern California, Pennsylvania State University, and University of Tulsa. Although things could change, Stanford, Texas - Austin, Southern California, and Texas A&M are going to stay in my list. For sure.
What exactly do I want to study? Engineering. More specifically petroleum engineering which really focuses on science, geology, mathematics. Some of the most disliked subjects by students because they're hard. But I really enjoy the two subjects, I really do. The colleges I am researching and picked have some of the best schools for engineering, that's why I picked them. Throughout high school I will be challenging myself to take all the hard classes that can give me the knowledge that I need to become a petroleum engineer. And of course, I will try to gain knowledge outside of school too. I am planning to get a Master's degree in Petroleum Engineering.
Why petroleum engineering? It's funny because I have always dreamed of becoming a doctor, a surgeon. Because helping people while working was always nice. But then, when I researched what the reality of the process of becoming a surgeon was really like, I backed up from that dream. Plus blood was not something I could look at so easily without feeling dizzy. And the years of learning was too long for a female, in my opinion. My inspiration to become a petroleum engineer was my very own dad. Who himself is a petroleum engineer. "He lives a good life and enjoys his work, maybe I should try that." I researched about petroleum engineering one day, and I liked the idea of me one day becoming one. I always had an interest in creating, making, and testing things, so...it's a good match! Energy is used and wanted everywhere in the world, I want to help to maintain it, find it, and conserve it. So there isn't too much nor too little of it. It could give me a new way of looking at our world. I just really like to think of the world scientifically and mathematically, it's really amazing when you finally use all the knowledge you got in school in the real world. In real situations, in real time.